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A Porridge breakfast is a truly delicious and thoroughly nutritious way to start the day.

Spring is on the way for sure, yes…but we have some more cold weather coming, so it’s important to remember to keep warm and eat well.

Porridge is a great dish any time of the year – even as an evening snack. It’s easily digestible, good for the gut. You can add your own favourite ingredients too, whatever you like. Fruit cooked into it will be more easy to digest and a healthy addition to your daily diet.

Here’s a great porridge recipe to love. Preferably make it as organic as you can.

This recipe as oats; raisins; walnuts; pine nuts; ground seeds – sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, black sesame; cranberries, goji berries; salt (a pinch, to taste); and date syrup.

Of course you can vary this as much as you like, add banana, or chopped apple or pear, and leave out anything.

Natural sugars like date syrup, agave syrup or coconut sugar are less harsh on the body’s system than plain processed sugar, so these alternatives are preferable, if sweetening is needed.

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