A Zero Balancing Session:

– Is carried out whilst you remain fully clothed.
– Usually takes around 30 – 40 minutes
– The quality of touch is gentle but firm – taking you into a deep relaxation.
– Involves stretches and short held pressure with you lying on your back.
– There is a focus on bones and joints but it is non-manipulative as it works within normal ranges of motion.
– Normally the lower, then the upper body are worked on, closing with integrating moves.
– It gives the sense of being touched in a core way which harmonises your awareness of your structure with the experience of fully inhabiting your body.

Zero Balancing is a gentle and powerful method of balancing body energy with body structure. It integrates Western scientific knowledge with Oriental understandings of energy and healing into an original, practical and coherent bodywork method. Zero Balancing is valuable for a wide range of situations and has extensive applications in the maintenance of good health as well as personal development.
Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful experience of human touch.

Here at the Dorset Acupuncture Centre Alan Hext and Alice Rogers use Zero Balancing as a therapy in its own right and frequently as an accompaniment to acupuncture treatment.

Patients welcome the quality of touch which complements the power of working with needles.

Alan is a Certified Zero Balancer and teacher of Zero Balancing since 1989. He has studied with, regularly assisted and been inspired by the creator of Zero Balancing, Dr Fritz Smith, since 1983. He is a co-founder of the Zero Balancing Association UK and has trained practitioners and teachers of Zero Balancing.

Dr Fritz SmithAlan has enjoyed teaching Zero Balancing internationally from Japan to Jamaica and including the United States and the UK. He was trained by Dr Fritz Smith to teach both beginners and advanced students. At the College of Traditional Acupuncture he taught students the values of learning Zero Balancing in developing their clinical skills. Alan has also developed two workshops: the Roots of Zero Balancing in the Chinese Traditions; and Within the Interface.

For further information about Zero Balancing please refer to the website or you can download the leaflet here.


Zero Balancing brings you back in living contact with body-felt reality – essential in an increasingly virtual world

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